March 1st, 2016

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Thank you for Laura meeting me at story-time today.  For Eloise and Aiden sitting side by side on the orange library rug.  For Moses who felt suddenly cured after we made the decision for him to stay home from school.  For pulling the table into the middle of the kitchen and setting it with cloth napkins and the good plates.  A dinner of sausage, potatoes, bread and salad with Orest’s father and his stepson Bogdan from Ukraine.  For Askold as I always think of him, holding up a glass as if to give a toast, making some irreverent joke that ends with his own deep chuckle.  Orest’s face responding with laughter, saying something in turn that makes his father laugh again.  For watching them across the kitchen table and thinking about how when I first met Orest, he hadn’t spoken to his father in several years.  And even now, how it always feels like a privilege and a gift to see the two of them together.