February 29th, 2016

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Thank you for that conversation with Johannah this morning, unexpectedly connecting deeply with someone from long ago.  Thank you for Moses (home from school) who I have never seen so still.  Who sat like a small, cross-legged statue in the bathtub until I finally conceded to let him out.  Thank you for Julian, who I found today with his head all the way inside the enclosed litter box, clinging onto the rim of the toilet bowl (twice), chewing on the toilet seat lid, sucking on an orange marker, eating cat food, crawling outside into the yard by himself, laying in a pile of Moses’s dirty underwear, and trying to climb inside the dishwasher.

Thank you for a reason this afternoon to use power tools.  For Orest’s new jogging sweatpants (because logically, the first step towards a new running regime is buying a fancy pair of sweatpants).  And thank you that life gives us moments that cause us to stop, laugh at our own failings, and realize that at least we’re trying.  Like today when I was feeling particularly self-congratulatory after making it successfully through an entire Target trip without having to take Julian out of his carseat, which I had placed in the shopping cart.  And then after loading the groceries I unbuckled Julian and took him out of his carseat to put him in the car.  It’s been that kind of day.