This is the photo I want someone to take:

My ten month old son and I, at the end of the day.  A quiet house, the rest of the family fast asleep.  We have cleaned the kitchen and started the dishwasher, Julian and I.  We have picked up the living room and filled the coffeepot for morning.  And we are standing in front of the bathroom mirror, exhausted, the whole day behind us.  Julian, sleepy on my hip as I brush my teeth.  Reaching for my toothbrush, catching my eye in the bathroom mirror and breaking into a grin.  And for a minute we just stand there like that, watching ourselves together in the mirror.  My heart swollen with love.  This mutual adoration. 

Of all the photographs that could be taken, this is the picture of myself that I would like.  This is how I want to remember these motherhood years.  This quiet moment of my son and I, at the end of the day.

What is the photo that you wish someone could take of you and your family?  What are the moments that you want to remember?