More than you ever wanted to know about your Family Photographer:

I am a 37 year old East Coast girl, still learning how to stop on skis.

Things I love:  

Small towns with colorful houses, overgrown yards and junked cars sitting on concrete blocks.  (Okay, yes, Leadville Colorado.  I did live there.)


Sitting by a dying campfire in the White Mountains of New Hampshire after everyone else has gone to sleep.  The stillness of nature. 

Rivers.  The muted underwater thump of paddle against canoe.  Floating in the middle of a lily-pond watching a great blue heron take flight.  

Thrift store shopping.  Writing letters that take months to finish.  Old wooden furniture.  Looking at the free section of Craigslist when I should be working.

Saurkraut and Spotson.  Unnecessary organizing.  Watching my children delight in the world around them.  Talking with someone for the first time and discovering that we are meant to be great friends.

Stories.  Light.  Memories.  Finding a way to move closer to the things that make me feel most alive, and learning to give something in the process.  

Those unexpected moments when the ordinary world is suddenly more beautiful, more saturated with color, and filled with a feeling and emotion that wasn’t there before.  And just for an instant you glimpse its perfection - the perfect composition, a perfect gesture, a pure expression of joy, sadness or curiosity on a persons face that breaks through their careful, measured emotions and fills a frame with depth.  And then I must run for my camera - or my pen, if the moment is already gone.  Because it is fleeting yet consistent in the way that if you are watching, those moments will always return.


the things my poor children must endure

the things my poor children must endure

*photo credits to Gail Miller, Neal Menschel, Orest Mosijczuk, Glenn Menschel, Laura Even, Moses (age 2), Kirsten Lewis, Alexis Tepp, Willy Wilson & Barbara Naso