March 8th 2016

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Thank you for finding a large particle board puzzle piece inside Julian's onesie when I got him dressed for bed tonight.  The missing piece of Donald Duck's leg that we had been searching for all day.  Thank you for Eloise and Moses dressed in elaborate costumes, chasing each other around the small living room.  For Moses’s face as he sat enraptured on the couch, watching The Lion King.  How when he got mad at Eloise and yelled I didn’t banish him to the bathroom for a time-out, but sat beside him instead and asked what he could do instead of yelling to make himself feel calm when he was frustrated.  I wasn’t expecting a response, but he thought for a minute and pressed the fingertips of both hands against each other, making a triangle.  “Sometimes I put my hands together like this,” he said.  “Sometimes you can feel your heart beating in your fingers.  I do it outside at school before I go in,” he told me matter-of-factly, “so that I don’t do anything bad.”