March 6th, 2016

Thank you for pulling up to the plaza at the foot of the Millennium Bridge to see Lexi waving in the distance.  Sitting at the bottom of the stairs with her camera bag beside her like she owned the place.  She is a mix of doting mom, business formal and highly irreverent all at the same time.  And her beautiful friend Anneice has driven all the way down from Greeley to model for our photo experiment. 

Thank you for finding myself a part of this community of photographers...  Oh, how it satisfies my soul.  For that picture Lexi took of Anneice and I after the shoot, my arms flung triumphantly in the air, and how it expressed precisely how I felt about that moment - downtown Denver with the sun in the sky, families sprawled on the green with their volleyball nets, awnings, picnics, their dogs.  Populating the outdoor dining area of a row of restaurants.  And having full permission to look through a camera at someone I have never met before and think about what I am seeing.  Taking pictures just for the pure delight of it.  Being able to put a camera as close as I want to another persons face, and press the shutter.