March 3rd, 2016

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Thank you for three little boys pressed up against a schoolyard fence, making faces at the cars on Colfax as they drive by.  One boy who throws a rock that lands half-heartedly on the side of the road, and in a moment of pause all three turn to look at each other, their mouths dropped open, eyes wide with excitement, before dashing back into the playground.

Thank you for Darcey bringing us to the zoo.  Those monkeys with their long, graceful arms, swinging overhead as Eloise and Kellen chase each other across a footbridge.  Thank you for Darcey who is patient and consistent and for how she defends her love for her two boys.  Thank you for Kellen who is mischievous and sweet and who was not allowed ice cream because he was naughty.  Thank you for Eloise and Kellen sipping empty wine glasses together in the yurt display at REI.  For Eloise’s delight in having a friend for the day.  For little boys who bring out her wild exuberance for life.