March 22nd, 2016

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Thank you for an afternoon on the couch at Karina’s house with Julian asleep on my lap and Solice wedged between Karina’s pregnant belly and my elbow, lightly snoring.  Thank you for Maximo and Eloise side-by-side in front of the TV taking turns with an old video game console.  How Maximo is good-natured and genuine with Eloise, who is still only three and haphazard in her social interactions.  How he cheers her on as she enthusiastically presses all the buttons on the console, having no idea what she is doing.  Thank you for how there is always a small bowl of salad on the kitchen table, for Rob who without fail greets me at the car when I arrive and insists on carrying something inside (the baby’s carseat, my backpack, any small thing I may have in my hands) and how I have learned not to say no.